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Jay at the JFK airport - april 7th 2014


Why does every edit come out uglier than on photoshop?! But oh well, here it is. It took me two hours but it’s worth it! (If you want to know how I did it, just ask!)

Sooo.. I was thinking about what to do on my free day and well.. here is my follow forever cause it did change a bit! I got to know a lot of you, especially through the “The wanted network” and I love every moment I spend on this computer, talking to you all! It has been one of my greatest pleasures and I hope this fanmily will forever stay.

So this is not just a follow forever, it’s a follow fanmily! (Couldn’t fit “forever” after “fanmily”.)

Just hover over every word, the urls there are in this follow fanmily forever aren’t in alphabetic order. Your name isn’t too. Just the words you can see now are. However, just hover over a word and a name will appear, with a quote. (For the people I don’t know the names off, you have your link in that hover thing).

Unfortunately, I have forgotten a lot of you but I can’t seem to organize this anymore so for everyone who isn’t in this follow fanmily forever (Thank you for looking, that must have sucked), You are creative, kind, beautiful and courageous and you will have your dream, no mather what.

A - E:

beautycute, creativebravedeterminedenthusiastic

F - J:


K - O:


P - Z:

sweethearttalented, trustworthyplayfulsupportivewarmunderstanding,
thoughtfullsmartpleasant, trustworthy,stunningwonderful